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Jul. 11th, 2017 10:51 pm
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An email from one of the cat adoption agencies, in answer to Mucca's & my application for a kitty:

Marge may be a good fit. She loves to be outside but her bio says we were looking for an indoor home because she likes to break into local businesses and set off alarms.

Mucca: "If we end up with that cat, we obviously need to rename her 'Selina.'"
Me: "A literal cat burglar?"

In other news, I'm 5k into a treat for Nonconathon (socked to heck and back, for a recip likewise disguised) and I have like eight more scenes planned that almost certainly won't be written by Saturday. Maybe I can post the short version and work on a longer one later...? It WANTS to be written and I'm having way too much fun. But TIIIME. (Yes I should have started this sooner but inspiration only lately struck.)

In other other news, I just broke up with the girlfriend I never actually got around to making a post about on Dreamwidth despite dating for ten months. >.< This...may be a symbol of the sort of reasons why we broke up. Or something. I suppose there are more cheerful ways to announce that I'm poly (crazy about Mucca, and into other ladies sometimes, god only knows about dudes but I'm kinda off nonfictional dudes at the moment, so), but here we go.

Also I still need to make that labyrinth orrery post I keep promising. Maybe once I'm done the smut?

Oh, I guess I need a cat tag now, huh. :D


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