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Tonight I am ordering Thai for dinner. When I got here people warned me about ordering delivery - sometimes it arrives without issue, but other times you end up on the phone with the delivery driver trying to explain across a language barrier where your building is. I ordered from this place once before though and they managed to find me okay without calling, so fingers crossed that continues.

Qatar is one of those countries where people mostly navigate based on landmarks instead of street names or addresses, so on the restaurant delivery site I'm using, I saved a whole paragraph to my profile about how to get to where I live. Go to this roundabout, take the exit toward the hospital, turn right just before this store, then take the first right and my building is at the end of the road on the right, on the corner. (That is pretty much literally what I said. Technically I have an address, but it is useless for all practical purposes - I don't even remember what it is; I'd have to look it up. This description is basically my address!)

So if I'm out somewhere and need to take a taxi home, I can either text one of the guys who have a little specialized business sending cars on request for most of my coworkers (those drivers know very well how to get to the buildings where we live), or, if I just take a taxi that is hanging around, first ask the driver if he knows where my roundabout is. If he does, then we're golden! If the answer is no...take another taxi. :) Otherwise WE WILL BE DOOMED AND LOST FOREVER, hah. (Or rather, I'll have to do a lot more Google Maps navigating than I want to! *lazy*)

Mostly the taxi drivers know my roundabout, but a non-trivial percentage of the time, they don't. I think it depends on how new they are here themselves.

At some point in the next few years, my roundabout's supposed to be dug up and replaced with a regular intersection with traffic lights. I don't know what we'll do then! Keep referring to it as the old roundabout for a while, I suspect.
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