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I'm glad I made the choice to come here, but it's hard to change everything in your life and move halfway around the world to a place you've never seen. To a new job where you know nothing about how things work there and who does what, where you're an unknown quantity and have to start building all your relationships with people from scratch.

It's exhausting.

But it will get better. I can already see things gradually getting better and easier. Not easy, mind you. That might take more than a month. ;)

I post this from my newly comfy bed. Yesterday the building manager came and knocked on my door and asked if I wanted a mattress topper for $50. I said, sure. So he went off and brought one back - king-size, same as my bed - and we hauled it into my bedroom. It is quite nice, and would cost a lot more than that in the store.

I was charmed. Things like this never happen in Canada - I have never in my life been presented with a random mattress topper of Mysterious Origins, unexpectedly delivered to my door. Heh.

(I did not inquire as to its origins. I'm not sure I could have managed to communicate the question well enough, and I don't know that I would have understood the answer. Communication when you don't really share a language works a lot better when you're not trying to convey concepts like that, but are dealing with more concrete things where gesturing can do most - or all! - of the work for you. Like for example, "my kitchen light fixture has a burned out light bulb; can you replace it for me?" Which, actually, someone from the building staff came today and did.)

Date: 2017-02-23 10:22 pm (UTC)
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I can imagine the *being* there is as much of a job as the *doing* the job requirements, especially at first.

That's cool about the mattress topper. :D I always like those in theory but in practice they sort me, like an overly soft couch, and it's murder on my back. So I'm glad someone gets to enjoy them...mysterious origins and all!

Your job is mostly in English, is that right? But much more other languages (Arabic? what else?) otherwise, I'd guess. How does it compare for ease of communication to Sweden and Greece?
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